Distracted Driving and Work Zone Awareness

wzoneApril is National Distracted Driving Awareness month.  April 15th-19th is National Work Zone Awareness week.  This year is also part of the World Health Organization’s (“WHO”), Decade of Action for Road Safety, which began in 2011 and runs through 2020.  Therefore, we would like to recognize April as the Safe Driving Awareness Month and will be posting a series on the consequences of unsafe driving and how to avoid becoming a statistic yourself.

The WHO reports there are 1.24 million deaths per year around the world caused by car accidents, truck accidents and other roadway accidents.  The WHO also estimates that this number will rise to around 1.9 million by 2020 if drivers don’t start taking more precautions when on the road.  These accidents are caused by distracted drivers using cell phones and electronics, drunk drivers, unsafe driving in poor conditions or through work zones, and many other bad habits that lead to the driver not paying attention to the road.

According to the WHO, traffic accidents are the 10th biggest killer of people in the world.  Unfortunately, unlike some of the other big killers, such as cancer, traffic accidents are preventable.  Until our lawmakers enact more rigorous driving laws with harsher penalties for things like texting and driving, or by charging more than $25 for a seatbelt ticket, the death rate on the road will continue to rise.  However, no matter how many laws are passed, it still comes down to the driver making a choice to drive safely on the road.  When you start your car in the morning, just remember, driving is probably the most dangerous activity you will do each day.

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