Tracy Morgan’s Recovery

Beloved comedian, Tracy Morgan, was spotted in mid-July driving around New York City. This is a big deal because in June of 2014, Morgan was involved in an auto accident, which left him in critical condition. Not only was he severely injured, he also lost a good friend, comedian James McNair. The two, along with six others, were in a limo bus when it overturned in an accident involving multiple vehicles, including two tractor-trailers. The reason for the crash lies behind the wheel of a corporate trucker who was told to stay awake for over 28 hours to meet his delivery deadlines, which violated the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s final rule of Hours of Service, which prohibits any trucker to drive more than the daily limit of 11 hours.

Tracy Morgan was left nearly paralyzed after this tragedy. For over a year, he’s been in treatment to get back to his normal state. It’s taken a lot of time and a lot of energy for Tracy to make a recovery. The lasting effects of these accidents are often overlooked. Time spent in the hospital, recovering at home, and in physical therapy is time not spent at work earning income. Relationships with family and loved ones can also suffer, since injuries prevent the victim from enjoying the simple things in life without restrictions. Financial stress can also delay recovery. Medical bills become outrageous and when the injured isn’t able to make an income, it becomes increasingly hard to stay financially afloat. Some may even choose to stop treatment in order to save money.

We hate seeing situations like Tracy Morgan’s, but they are also a big reason why we do what we do. These kinds of accidents are much bigger than emergencies; they come with a lot of emotional and financial baggage. When you find yourself a victim of a terrible accident, you need an ally to support you through it. We work hard to fight for our clients in order to get reparations that will help them stay stable as they get their lives back on track. Congratulations Tracy—keep fighting!

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