The Most Common Office Accidents

We often think of workplace accidents happening on construction sites or in factories. But there are plenty of accidents that occur in offices every day, where people get badly hurt and sometimes sustain injuries that prevent them from continuing to work. Even without power tools or heavy machinery, accidents sustained around the office can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Common Office Injuries

According to, the most common types of injuries in the office are the result of falls, strains, falling objects, overexertion, or being caught in or between objects. The CDC claims that falls cause the most disabling injuries.

Offices are full of electrical cords, loose or torn carpets and rugs, wet floors, broken chairs, and a number of other potentially dangerous things. Add the fact that many workers will use objects in ways they shouldn’t be used (e.g., using a desk chair as a ladder), and it’s easy to see how someone can be injured in an office environment.

Improper lifting can also lead to strains. Office workers often aren’t trained on proper ways to lift heavy things, and may not consider the weight of different items before they pick them up. For example, a case of copy paper can weigh as much as 50 lbs. That can put a lot of strain on a back that isn’t used to a lot of heavy lifting, especially if lifted without proper form.

How to Avoid Office Accidents

The majority of accidents that occur in an office are avoidable. These tips can make sure that you’re staying safe around your workplace.

  • Clean up any spills you see (even if you didn’t spill it).
  • Tell HR or maintenance about any loose carpeting or other electrical cords.
  • Sit properly in your chair, and don’t use it as a stepladder (or as anything other than a chair).
  • If you are lifting something heavy, squat to the floor, then lift with your knees instead of wrenching your back.
  • Close any cabinet doors or drawers after you’re finished with them.
  • Watch where you’re walking. Don’t read a report on your phone while on the move.
  • Keep things tidy—pick up anything that’s out of place, especially on the floor.

Disabling Injuries

In some cases, accidents in the office lead to injuries that can alter a person’s life and prevent them from working in the same capacity they once did. Even a little slip can cause someone to hit their head, which leads to far more issues later in life. These injuries can lead to a lifetime of pain, high medical bills, and a loss of compensation.

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