New CFPB Rule Seeks To End Forced Arbitration

A recent rule proposed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau seeks to restore consumer rights in the face of increasingly common arbitration clauses. Commonly used in nursing home contracts (as well as other agreements for things like credit cards and cell phones), arbitration clauses grant companies the right to resolve any complaints or disputes in individual arbitration, outside of a courtroom with a jury. This makes it challenging for individual families seeking justice in nursing home neglect cases (or other civil disputes) to seek rightful protection from the courts, and balances the odds in corporate favor.

If passed, this rule would make it illegal for corporations to force consumers into arbitration and hold those companies more accountable to follow the law and do right by their customers. This would be a victory for consumers, and ensure that anyone, anywhere, will enjoy their right to a jury trial to safeguard their rights.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come.

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