The Dangerous ‘July Effect’

July is a booming time for hospitals, largely due to the welcoming of new interns and residents. These new doctors are still in training, so that can’t always do everything that a seasoned doctor can. In some instances, that lack of training can lead to injuries and complications. This is more common during July with the wave of new medical staff bumping up to new educational roles. Patients, and their families, need to be aware of this ‘July Effect,’ in case they require a hospital visit. It’s important for patients and family members to get the names of anyone providing any degree of care, as well as to document times and what those providers say, in order to keep a personal back-up of the medical records.

This Men’s Health article, “Why You May Be 12 Percent More Likely to Die in July,” provides proactive tips that patients and families can take when handling any and all healthcare matters during the month of July to ensure a safe, incident free result.