Uber to Start Monitoring Drivers’ Bad Behaviors

It should come as a duty for ride-sharing companies like Uber to monitor the level of safety their drivers are operating at while transporting passengers. This is something that trucking companies have been required to do for some time now, but Uber is starting to catch up to other professional driving industries in order to keep safety a priority.

While most professional drivers are required to maintain a specialized license, like a CDL or chauffeurs license, which legally hold them to a higher standard, ride-sharing drivers are not required to have one. It’s important to remember that Uber positions itself as a tech company and not a transportation service, which means the drivers themselves are the ones responsible for ensuring a safe ride for their customers.

The new technology will enable Uber to use a driver’s phone sensors to monitor when they are going too fast, cutting corners, taking sharp turns, and even using their phone while driving. It will be interesting to see how well the new technology will monitor Uber drivers and how the company moves forward with enforcing it.

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