Early-Age Voter Education Prioritized in Indiana Schools

On November 8, elementary and high school students across the state of Indiana will elect their own Indiana Governor, President, and State Senators in a mock election intended to promote the habit of voting in the state’s youth. The initiative is called the Indiana Kids Election. Indiana law actually requires that schools give instruction on the election process two weeks prior to a national election, but the mock vote takes the teaching away from the chalkboard and makes voting a familiar act for all.

Before voting, younger students are educated on what the rules are for electing a President, who can be President, and what the procedure is should something happen to the President. Middle and high school students will get to see a video showcasing Indiana’s candidates for senate and Governor before they make their vote.

In all classrooms, the aim is to emphasize that no matter who you vote for, the important part is to get out there and vote, one of your most important duties as an American. We at CFLB take this civic action so seriously, we’re even sparing our partner Kathy Ann Lee to spend a day talking to fifth graders as part of the program. To learn more and get involved, visit http://inkidselection.com/ .