Why Does Someone File for Wrongful Death?

When the death of a spouse or loved one occurs due to negligence, the pain goes much deeper. Not only was a life cut tragically short, wrongful deaths can leave family members to deal with the emotional and financial ramifications on their own. All of this because another party wasn’t exercising proper care. Wrongful death victims and their families deserve to have negligent parties held accountable for their actions.

Filing a wrongful death suit gives victims a voice, as best it can. Whether it was a negligent driver in a car crash, a doctor that improperly cared for a patient, or a manufacturer who ignored the safety of consumers, all these situations could have been avoided. While there are important financial components of any wrongful death case, it’s important to consider what these lawsuits mean to family members and friends mourning the loss of a loved one. 

The sheer financial impact of a wrongful death is devastating, in the emotional toll these incidents take on its victims. Widowed spouses will never feel the hand of their partner again; children will never play with their parent in the backyard. These are real people experiencing true and profound loss, and all because of someone else’s inattention or lack of care. For that reason the state of Indiana has what is called “loss of consortium” claims, which provide spouses a chance to recover their own damages stemming from the individuals’ passing. 

That being said, a sudden death can be extremely stressful on a family’s bank account. There are the costs of funeral arrangements, medical care, and loss of income. If a one-income family with children were to lose their primary source of income unexpectedly, a single life insurance payment may not be enough to cover these costs. Wrongful death suits can provide relief in the form of monetary compensation for the impacted parties. 

Wrongful death lawsuits are a chance for family members and estate representatives to recover their losses related to a negligent death. Indiana has specific laws and requirements that cover these cases, but those should never stand in the way of a wrongful death victim and their family receiving support and their day in court. 

Wrongful cases are always complex and require lots of information-gathering to develop.  Christie Farrell Lee & Bell is a team of Indiana attorneys that has built our practice around helping those injured by negligence regain peace of mind and move forward in life. 

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