Top 5 Questions for Truck Accident Attorneys

When a semi accident occurs, focus is usually on one or more of the drivers who were directly involved. But the truck manufacturer, the broker and shipper of the load, maintenance crew for the rig, and the employer of the driver also have a role to play in safety and compliance. A failure to use reasonable care or other act of negligence can result in wrongful death or permanent injury. These accidents can leave lots of questions and suspicion without much direction to get answers. For next steps, here are 5 essential questions about a truck accident case to ask an attorney.

What is the process of a semi accident case?

It’s important to understand what goes into a civil case, especially a semi accident case, before getting too far along in the process. Flashy advertising doesn’t always give an accurate picture of the process of resolving these cases. Each case is unique and will be affected by elements like insurance limits or accident recreation. Your Indiana semi accident attorney should explain these details and other strategies in terms it is easy to understand.

Part of understanding the process should also include understanding what the attorney will do to earn their fee, and what that fee will be. Communication will be key to the success of the case, so make sure you feel comfortable asking all your questions as the process is explained, and that you get answers that make you feel respected.

What might be covered by my Indiana truck accident claim?

The reasons for pursuing a lawsuit after an eighteen-wheeler accident are usually related to injury or wrongful death of someone in the accident. A life-altering injury, the loss of a career, or the absence of a family member will be carried with you the rest of your life. But damages for lost wages, medical bills, and funeral expenses are just some of the costs that can be recovered by a trucking accident lawsuit to help you move forward. While commercial vehicles are required to carry a minimum of $750,000 in liability insurance, and many carry more, the actual value of a case will be determined by the unique combination of factors and circumstances.

What evidence will be needed for my case?

Asking about the evidence that will be needed in your truck injury case is one way to understand not only your attorney’s experience, but also the strength of your claim. Evidence like logbooks, maintenance records, dash cam video, or police reports may take time to obtain and explore. The attorney will also discuss other evidence that needs to be collected like eyewitness statements, social media posts, or photographs of the scene and vehicles involved. Then the attorney may hire experts to explain what the evidence means, like an accident reconstructionist or human factors expert. 

What if I am partially at fault in an Indiana truck collision?

Indiana is a comparative fault state, meaning you can still seek damages even when partially responsible for an accident. Somewhat contributing to the cause of the collision doesn’t necessarily prevent you from seeking damages to cover resulting medical bills and other expenses. The legal standard in Indiana is if you are 50% at fault or less, you still get to recover in proportion to your own percentage of negligence. This is because the negligence of the other person was greater than yours.

Are you an Indiana attorney experienced against trucking companies?

Trucking accident injury attorneys have to know a lot more about the trucking industry and equipment involved than an attorney only handling Indiana car accident injuries. It’s important to feel confident your attorney knows what next steps and approaches will advance your best interest. You can develop this confidence by asking about their experience against trucking companies and other parties like shippers and brokers. Only attorneys that truly specialize in handling semi accident injury cases  have the savvy and insight to stand up to the company’s legal teams. This experience will show in their answers and the outcomes of their cases. 

These questions may not explore all the nuances and complexities of your case, but the answers will help you and the attorney better explore your case and define the terms and expectations of your relationship before proceeding.

Indiana auto accident attorneys Christie Farrell Lee & Bell are committed to the process of helping truck accident victims regain peace of mind and move forward in life. If you need an Indianapolis car accident attorney contact us today to share your story.