Recent Indiana Moped Laws

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Some claim that mopeds are simply motorized bicycles that act as a safe means of localized transportation. The current moped laws in Indiana parallel this notion, as Indiana law states, “A moped, or a ‘motorized bicycle,’ is a two (2) or three (3) wheeled vehicle, that is propelled by an internal combustion engine or a battery-powered motor.” The maximum speed a moped can travel on a flat surface in Indiana is only 25mph.

However, recent moped crashes in Indiana have people calling for safer and stricter rules for moped drivers. Currently, Indiana only requires that riders under the age of eighteen where a helmet and eye protection. Drivers eighteen years of age and over need not wear any protective gear. Further, in order to operate a moped, an individual must only be fifteen years old and need not possess an Indiana driver’s license. All those who are fifteen years of age or older and do not have a driver’s license need, instead, is an Indiana identification card.

Because moped laws do not require riders have an Indiana driver’s license, a number of people who have lost their license to drive have started driving mopeds more frequently. This has many Hoosiers calling for stricter moped requirements. An argument posed by those affected by moped accidents questions why someone who just lost their license due to drunk driving should be allowed to operate a moped without a driver’s license, insurance, or a helmet. They claim that not only are the moped drivers in danger but so are the other drivers who share the road with them.

Although no laws have been changed at this point, people are hoping to get the ball rolling to reform the laws. Whichever outlook you may have, please be aware that with driving any vehicle on the streets comes great responsibility. Because of the small size of mopeds, their drivers can often be more vulnerable than others on the road. A moped crash has the potential to create devastating results. In order to protect yourself and avoid injury, Christie Farrell Lee & Bell encourages you to wear a helmet and drive your moped in a safe manner.

The warm weather brought about by the upcoming summer and fall months in Indiana make driving a moped more convenient and a more environmental friendly mode of transportation. As a result, you can expect to see more mopeds on the roads. Regardless of the caution a moped driver may exhibit, accidents regarding these vehicles do happen. If you were hit by a car or other vehicle while riding your moped, you are likely authorized to receive compensation from the responsible party, even if you were not wearing a helmet or did not possess a proper license.

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