Theodora House Holiday Gathering

Joy to the world!  The Theodora House of VOA Indiana had another terrific annual holiday gathering.  The VOA Indiana offers this festive get together for children ages zero to 18, their mothers and families.  This event happens once a year and is one of the most heartwarming reminders of the reason for the season!  The VOA Indiana organization is run by a wonderful group of people, and their Theodora House program that helps women and families rebuild their lives is an outstanding community outreach service.

Theodora HouseFounded in 1896 by Ballington and Maud Booth, the Volunteers of America organization aims to “offer hope, restore dignity and transform lives.”  Anyone attending the holiday party at the Theodora House can see all three of these goals come together in one joyous holiday miracle.

The Theodora House was established as a place for women transitioning from prison or other hardships back into society and family life.  Typically, these women have come from abusive and unsupportive backgrounds where they were unable to establish a stable, normal life.  The Theodora House offers classes, housing and counseling to help these women find comfort and stability within themselves so they may confidently re-enter society and pursue their dreams.  The courses and counseling offered include parenting skills, anger management, GED and Bachelor’s degree classes, as well as job placement aid and crocheting classes.  They also offer a unique program that allows mothers a chance to stay with their children over night in a suite located on site.  This is definitely a favorite of both the mothers and children who participate!

In addition to the Theodora House, the VOA Indiana also offers programs to honorably discharged military veterans, individuals with substance abuse difficulties, housing for the elderly and halfway house assistance to those recently released from prison.  All of these programs share the common goals of rebuilding lives and reuniting families.  For those of you wanting to volunteer, or maybe read some of the inspiring testimonials of former VOA Indiana clients, you can visit their website at  The testimonials are very humbling tear-jerkers, so to those faint of heart, be ready!

All of our lawyers and staff here at Christie Farrell Lee & Bell are very proud of what the Theodora House has been able to accomplish over the years, and we offer our continued support and gratitude for decades to come! We believe every individual and family deserves a fair chance at living a happy and healthy life. Happy holidays everyone!