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Back to School: School Bus Safety

As you’re getting geared up for the new school year, you’ve got plenty on your mind. If your children use the school bus system, you’re probably also thinking about their safety. While there are rules and regulations surrounding bus stops and safety, not every passerby driver will follow or adhere to them. Here are a few tips on how your kids can stay safe at their bus stops and while they’re on the bus.

Practice Bus Safety Procedures

We all know it’s not always enough to simply talk with your kids about safety procedures. As you prepare for the new year, start practicing bus stop safety with your kids so that they’ll know exactly how to stay safe during the school year. Here’s a checklist of safety practices:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street. Even is the bus’ stop-arm is properly displayed, it doesn’t mean that every vehicle will respect and abide by it. If your child needs to cross the street to board to bus, they need to be looking both ways before making for the bus door. Because other cars aren’t going to know exactly where your child is approaching the bus from, it’s important for the to avoid darting out between any roadside obstacles, like parked cars or trees.
  • Stick to crosswalks. If it’s at all possible, your children should use stop walks in order to cross the street and be ready to board the bus.
  • Stay off of the road while waiting. Busses sometimes run late, but it’s always good practice to have your children suited up and ready for them when they arrive. While waiting for the bus, however, your children should avoid from stepping into the street or even standing on the curb. Staying on the sidewalk, yard, or driveway will always ensure a safer experience as they wait.

Consider Your Child’s Age and Independence

Every child matures differently, and with their age and maturity comes new independence and responsibility. It’s important to use good judgment on whether your children are ready to walk to and wait for the bus on their own. Sometimes, an older sibling can be responsible for the safety of younger ones, but not always. Consider the different personalities and triggers of each child when thinking about whether you should accompany them or not.

When you use the school corporation’s bus system, you often need to follow rules set for you by the school itself. These often require students to walk a short distance away from home to a central gathering point, or even cross the road in order to board the bus. While the bus and driver maintain safety protocols, it’s important that you and your child remain safe while waiting and boarding it.

If your children have been injured because of a driver or school corporation not following standard safety procedures, contact the negligence attorneys at Christie Farrell Lee & Bell. We can help review your situation and determine if you have a case.