Trick-or-Treating and Halloween Costume Safety

Little girl in a Halloween costume with little boy in a wagon

Safety is on every parent’s mind as they wish their kids a ‘Happy Halloween’ and see them off in their creative costumes to tackle the neighborhood and fill their bags with candy. Halloween is a unique tradition that we’ve all come to love, but we’ve also heard Halloween horror stories. The best way to stay safe on the 31st is by following some simple safety guidelines, like the ones shared in this post.

Check Candy

For the kids, it’s all about the costumes and the candy. Even as parents, we can recall our youthful Halloween holidays counting and separating treats on our living room floor. While some things are still the same, the dangers of taking candy from strangers means a thorough inspection before the kids can start on their sugar-rush. If you’re with your child as they trick-or-treat throughout the neighborhood, bring some candy with you. This saves the hassle of having to check every new piece of candy that your kids might want to snack on as they continue their adventure. Talk with your kids about why checking candy is so important—they’ll be less keen on sneaking some if they understand why they shouldn’t.

Costume Safety Check

Store-bought Halloween costumes aren’t always put together safely, and can often cause harm if used improperly.  Some costumes might even be recalled due to a malfunction or compromise to safety as the big night approaches. While costume manufacturers try their best to inform the public about a recalled costume, it doesn’t mean everyone will hear about it. Make sure to conduct a thorough recall search before heading out to trick-or-treat in order to avoid putting your child at risk. You can also perform a costume safety check yourself with your child to make sure that the costume fits right and they can breathe through any masks.

Visiting Trick-or-Treaters

Part of the fun of Halloween for parents is being greeted by surprise guests begging for candy. Sure, you’re happy to answer the door and hand out candy, but part of keeping Halloween safe is making sure that your home is a safe place for those visiting. Remember that children of all ages are coming and going through the night. You should make sure that there is plenty of lighting on any uneven terrain or door steps. With so many little ones wearing masks, they often can’t see their surroundings as well as they normally would, especially in the dark of night, so added lighting helps guide them to your door and safely back to the sidewalk. Any decorations that you have should be out of reach of small children and have their cords covered. If it’s a rainy evening, you shouldn’t have any exposed cords or wiring where they can get wet.

Halloween is all about having fun, but part of being able to enjoy that fun means taking extra steps to ensure it’s also a safe evening for the whole family and others celebrating.