Lee Christie Honored By Arlington High School

Two men holding an awardLee Christie and Tim Bass, President of the Arlington High School Alumni Association

We are so proud of our partner Lee Christie, who was recently recognized by his high school for his continued support of their growth and success. Lee is an alumnus of Arlington High School (AHS) in Indianapolis, where he graduated in 1974.

When Arlington High was transferred back to Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) a few years ago, Lee decided to become more involved with the school. He is a founding board member of the Walker Foundation, which provides college scholarships to underprivileged IPS students in the Arlington High School District, among other charitable initiatives in Indianapolis. “We chose Arlington at my request because of the relevant socioeconomic status of the students, and because I was an alumnus,” he said of the decision.

Lee also contributes to AHS through their athletic programs to help them have appropriate equipment for their teams. Last year he provided baseball cleats and jerseys to the school for the Varsity Baseball team. He has also previously provided funds for basketball shoes and for the girls softball team.

We know Lee does not do this for the recognition, but we agree with his friends at Arlington High School that it is very well deserved. Congratulations, Lee!