Semi Strikes I-465 Bridge

Truck accident and damaged bridge

Photo courtesy of (photo courtesy Wayne Township Fire Dept. via WTHR)

A truck hauling a piece of heavy equipment struck the Rockville Road overpass this morning on Indy’s west side, causing hundreds of pieces of debris to fall onto northbound traffic. Five cars were struck by pieces large enough to stop them in their drive, but luckily only two people were injured, and none are in serious condition. According to state troopers interviewed by WTHR, a hydraulic beam shot up from the semi just as it passed under Rockville Road. As of this morning, they didn’t yet have an explanation for why the beam shifted upward.

Regardless of cargo, it’s the responsibility of trucking companies to ensure the freight is secured on or within the trailer and will not shift during the trip. Trailers or flatbeds must be the appropriate size and strength to haul the cargo. Drivers also must be educated about the height clearance necessary for their vehicle to pass below bridges or through tunnels. When semi drivers strike an overpass or support structure, or their cargo shifts and either spills onto the roadway or causes them to lose control of the truck, it presents a hazard other drivers cannot avoid. Under the sudden emergency doctrine, injured parties in those accidents can seek justice against those who knowingly or unknowingly put them at risk, provided they tried to avoid it as best they could (which may mean not at all). Courts are even willing to account for the fact that drivers don’t have a huge reaction time.

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