Spring Break Safety Tips

walking barefoot on the beachSpring break is a welcome vacation time for every stressed-out student. But the opportunity to party doesn’t mean every caution can be thrown to the wind. Spring break safety isn’t just about a buddy system and checking in with parents every evening, either. Personal safety can be at risk from a lot of things, from strangers to a hotel’s upkeep. Anyone taking a trip for spring break should take account of these tips to make sure they don’t end up coming home more stressed out than they left because of an injury or needing to pay for property damage.

1. Hidden Risks at Hotels and Bars

It’s no secret that students are usually travelling on a budget, so staying at the cheapest hotel or partying at the cheapest bars is a natural strategy. However, it’s important to take care and pay attention. A low-cost hotel or motel may not be well-maintained or have good security systems, so balconies, low-lit stairwells, and other things could present risks.

Bars are under a responsibility not to over serve guests, but during situations like spring break, they may choose to ignore that rule. Bars are also legally required to provide security staff if they know fights or other incidents are common. The owners of the hotel or bar are potentially liable for any accidents or incidents that occur if they don’t take steps to address known risks and provide a safe environment.

2. Waivers and Releases

Spring breakers often do things like parasailing, jet skiing, renting boats or other vehicles, and more. When renting this equipment, it’s important someone review the waivers and exactly what they may end up liable for in the case of an accident. The waiver might release the rental company from any obligation to pay for injuries, or even say that the renter must pay out of pocket for the equipment if it’s damaged.

Other kinds of waivers and releases can also put liability on spring breakers without them even realizing it. For example, most of the time if you purchase a ticket to a sporting event, you release the venue from any liability when accepting the terms and conditions. The same might apply to concert tickets, event wristbands, or admission tickets, so be sure to know exactly what you’re agreeing to before you buy.

3. Public Behavior

Most of the arrests that happen in spring break towns during the busy season are because of public intoxication or other alcohol-related behavior, especially underage drinking or breaking open container laws. Make sure everyone in your group is of legal age, and that you have plans for transportation that include a designated driver, public transit, or a taxi.

Spring break is a time when college students often make great memories, but there are many factors that can change an adventure to an ordeal or worse, a tragedy.

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