Lee Christie Wins Distinguished Barrister Award!

We’re so proud of our resident “case whisperer”, CFLB partner Lee Christie, who was awarded the status of Distinguished Barrister by The Indiana Lawyer. The Indiana Lawyer annually honors members of the legal profession who have shown a commitment to their peers and the clients they serve.

Lee was chosen for this honor for a number of reasons, some rooted in his professional expertise, others in his personal integrity. Lee has generated more than $100 million in verdicts and settlements for his clients in his career, including a $30.5 million verdict on an injury case that the defense initially offered to settle for $300,000. His excellence as a mentor was also a factor. “No one gets to this point on their own,” he said of the need for mentors in law. “In trying to teach a mentee, I learn how much I really don’t know. Mentoring keeps you active and involved in the changing needs of younger attorneys and the legal system.”

Lee also offered his thoughts on the future of law in his interview with The Indiana Lawyer, commenting on the risk of having less personal interaction with their clients as technology improves. For Lee and all the other attorneys at CFLB, it’s the personal interaction with our clients that inspires us every day. Regardless of what challenges the future holds, we know with our team of strong and passionate attorneys, we’ll be able to overcome obstacles, and help our peers and clients do so as well.

Read Lee’s full interview with The Indiana Lawyer here. Congratulations, Lee!