Kathy A. Lee Named Trial Lawyer of the Year

Christie Farrell Lee & Bell partner Kathy A. Lee was named one of two 2018 Trial Lawyers of the Year by the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association. This award is given to a lawyer or lawyers who uphold(s) the honor of the legal profession and is a true defender of the people; a lawyer who works to protect the rights of injured victims and consumers; a lawyer who successfully handles a case of major public importance in state or federal court, including appellate courts; a lawyer who assists ITLA in their efforts to protect the rights of consumers and injured victims at the state legislature and the U.S. Congress; a lawyer who devotes substantial time and effort to further the mission of ITLA by serving as a member; a lawyer who frequently publishes articles and gives presentations in support of the rights of injured victims and consumer rights; and lastly, a lawyer who earns admiration and respect for trial lawyers as a result of noteworthy activities.

Man and woman holding an award

We are so proud of Kathy for upholding these values. Her tireless work over tens of thousands of hours on behalf of our clients is part of our firm’s successful foundation, and she sets a great example for others in our profession. Congratulations to this extremely talented and hard-working partner.