Lee Christie Starts the Revitalization of Lawyer’s Basketball League

Basketball team players

Christie Farrell Lee & Bell partner Lee Christie was recently mentioned in The Indiana Lawyer for his successful efforts to help restore a recreational basketball league for attorneys. The lawyer’s basketball league was formed in the 1970’s and was popular for decades but went dormant a few years ago after the untimely death of the Commissioner of the league. In November 2017, Christie helped organize a new league for the group. The first season attracted 13 teams, with 15 teams signing up in 2018. Christie hopes to see 20 teams register for the 2019-20 season, beginning in November 2019.

Christie’s motivation to get the league back up and running was all about the connections the sport can help develop. “I’ve met many lawyers that have become friends and confidants through the Lawyers’ Basketball League,” Christie told The Indiana Lawyer. “It’s a great opportunity for the collegiality and comradery and for young lawyers to compete with other lawyers in a non-legal setting.”

Since it restarted, the league has benefitted from an increase in the number of female players compared to the 70’s and decades after. Play is open to law firms and all their employees, individual attorneys, law students, law clerks, and even the spouses of those individuals. To make the league inclusive for everyone last year, all the teams in the league decided to split the entry cost of the McKinney Law School team so they could join in without the financial burden. The cost to participate varies based on the number of teams that sign up, as facility rental fees and referees are shared among all players.   The cost is typically about $1000 per team per season.

Learn more about the Indiana lawyer’s basketball league and Lee Christie’s involvement in the full article from The Indiana Lawyer. To learn more about how to participate, contact Lee directly at lee@cfclb-law.com.