Indiana Injury Case Expert Witnesses

Witness being sworn-in in court

Expert Witnesses in Indiana

Expert witnesses can make or break a personal injury case. These individuals bring specialized knowledge to the courtroom and can help an attorney support specific arguments by providing facts and an expert opinion. Here are the kinds of expert witnesses one might expect to see in a courtroom during a civil trial, and what role they play in strengthening a case.

Expert Witness Laws in Indiana

An expert witness is defined as someone is qualified by knowledge, skill, experience, training, or education. Their opinion or specialized background will help a jury better understand evidence or facts within a case. An attorney has the right to request the testimony of an expert witness as long as that testimony pertains directly to a fact or aspect of the case.

What Kinds of Expert Witnesses Are There?

In general, there are two main types of expert witnesses in negligence or personal injury trials:

  • Medical Expert Witness

These are the most common expert witnesses among personal injury cases. In most instances, this is a professional who can explain the extent of injuries following an accident or an act of negligence. A medical expert could be a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, social worker, a physical therapist, or any other healthcare professional. Their job is to help the jury understand the plaintiff’s injuries, what treatment is generally considered appropriate for similar injuries, and give information about what the future holds from a medical perspective.

  • Forensic Expert Witness

These are expert witnesses that help a jury understand how and why something happened the way it did, or will happen in the future. For instance, in a car accident case, these experts might discuss the physics involved in the accident. In medical negligence cases, an economist might help forecast how an injury will affect an individual’s future finances. These can be accountants, electricians, a life care planner, doctors, materials specialists, or other industry experts. Most commonly these would be economists or accident reconstructionists. 

Expert witnesses can be extremely helpful in providing thorough and complete support for a personal injury case. The facts and professional opinions they provide give a clearer understanding to both juries and judges of the causes of an accident or resulting injury, as well as its long-term effects. 

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