Top 5 Things To Know About Indianapolis Traffic Accidents

The data and information collected by entities like the Indiana Department of Transportation can provide valuable insight to drivers. We spent some time looking through the recent Indianapolis traffic safety information to bring you this list.

What Indianapolis Intersections Are Most Risky?

According to an analysis of both automobile and pedestrian accident data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the most dangerous intersection in Indianapolis is at 38th and Guion Rd. This is an area of the city where 38th actually runs parallel to I-65, and an exit ramp from the interstate adds drivers and high traffic to the area.

On the northside, 86th and Keystone Ave is a busy interchange with lots of stoplights, turn lanes, and traffic going all directions. The live/work/play nature of this area means lots of traffic day and night. It isn’t just this intersection but the surrounding shopping centers that could pose risk, especially to pedestrians trying to cross.

The 70/65 split is also the location of a high volume of incapacitating auto accident injuries and fatalities.  All around the Circle City, far more injuries occur on roads like I-465, I-65, and US Hwy 36 than city streets.

What Causes Indianapolis Traffic Accidents?

In 2018, around 10% of the collisions that occurred in Marion County were speed-related (3,165/36,932). Alcohol impairment played a documented role in 381 collisions. On a positive note, this is down just over 50% since 2016, when 772 accidents involved alcohol.

 By far the biggest suspected contributor to Indianapolis car accidents is distracted driving. The State of Indiana shares that at least 17% of the crashes statewide that result in injury for one or more people are caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving accidents aren’t just caused by texting and driving, but also eating and driving, focusing too closely on a conversation while driving, grooming while driving, changing music, changing the GPS, and more.

When a driver does any of these things or others, they are failing in their duty to care and are negligent, making them responsible for the accidents and injuries they cause. Studies have shown that people texting while driving have a 30% reduced reaction time and spend 10% of their time or more outside their lane.

When are Traffic Accidents Most Likely in Indy?

January is the month where Marion County drivers may be most likely to experience a collision. Of the 36,932 collisions in the county in 2018, 3,643 were in January. That’s almost 10%. October closely followed with 3,437 accidents, and August had 3,244 accidents. February, the shortest month by only a few days, had the least accidents by far at 2,450. While we all may imagine that winter weather plays the strongest role in Indianapolis auto collisions, the data points to more nuanced concerns.

The Indiana Traffic Safety Facts publication from 2017 reported the highest number of auto accidents occur between 3 and 6 pm. Fatal collisions were most likely to occur between 3 and 6 am on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Distracted driving collisions were also an exception to the rule, being more likely in the afternoons on any day between noon-5pm. While this data is not specific to Indianapolis, it can inform the habits and decisions of drivers in our city.

When Do Motorcycle Collisions Occur in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis motorcycle accidents critically spike in spring and summer months. Due to our seasonal weather conditions, this is the time that bikers are most likely to be on the road. May, the month where nice weather usually settles in a predictable pattern, was when over 20% of Indy’s 2018 motorcycle accidents occurred (68/312). During July-September 2018 an average of 42 motorcycle collisions occurred each month in Indianapolis.

What Marion County Municipalities Have Most Traffic Accidents?

Since Indianapolis makes up most of Marion County, it’s no surprise that over 80% of the county-wide collisions in 2018 occurred in Indy city limits.  A significant majority (319/381) of alcohol-related accidents also happened in Indianapolis proper.

3,234 Marion County collisions (8%) happened in rural areas of the county that are not part of a municipality. Lawrence was the location of 1,058 collisions in 2018, while 548 happened in Speedway and 298 happened in Beech Grove. On the other end of the spectrum in Marion County, North Crows Nest and Warren Park only had one collision each in 2018, while Williams Creek had 2 collisions.

This data is just some of the amazing information that is available online to teach us more about our city and what we can do to promote a safe community. Every single one of these collisions represents multiple individuals whose lives might be permanently altered by injury or death. When the negligence of another driver in the accident causes this to occur, an experienced Indiana auto accident attorney from Christie Farrell Lee & Bell can draw on data like this and other evidence to help you regain peace of mind and move forward in life.

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