Spike in Indianapolis Pedestrian Fatalities

Fox 59 shared that over the last 5 years, Indianapolis pedestrian fatalities averaged 23 people per year. As of May 27, 2020, 16 pedestrians have already been hit and killed. Many factors have contributed to these recent Indianapolis pedestrian fatalities, including an absence of streetlights or streetlights being out. Here’s more insight into the causes of these accidents and how negligence of multiple parties can play a role.

Pedestrian Fatalities in Indianapolis

Over Memorial Day weekend 2020 alone, 6 pedestrians were killed by drivers. The circumstances of each fatal accident have been unique. Some involved reckless driving and speeding that claimed lives. Drivers always have a duty to keep a lookout and be aware pedestrians might be walking. This is especially true at night. A city also has a duty to provide safe and adequate infrastructure to residents.

Andre Carson, a member of the House’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, called such accidents largely preventable, in our community and others. According to RTV6, Carson is part of initiatives to attract more federal funding for infrastructures like sidewalks, walkways, and safer intersections to protect pedestrians.

In areas where extreme danger to pedestrians is known due to past accidents, any city may still have a duty to improve infrastructure even without such funding. If pedestrians are routinely injured or killed at a specific intersection and the municipality does not take steps to promote and improve safety, they could be considered negligent.

Streetlights in Indianapolis

In 2016 Indianapolis mayor Joe Hogsett lifted a 35-year moratorium on the installation of new streetlights in Indianapolis. “Operation Night Light” is an initiative to install up to 4,000 new streetlights across Indianapolis.  Since the program was launched it has installed 1,100 new streetlights.

Installation of streetlights in Indianapolis is based on factors like crime rates, pedestrian safety, the darkness of the area, and community input. The city’s knowledge of elements like higher crime or risk to pedestrians is what establishes their duty to correct the issues. To learn more about how it is decided to install new streetlights in Indianapolis, and suggest a new location for a streetlight, visit the Request a New Streetlight page on the Indianapolis city website.

If you were injured as a pedestrian in Indianapolis, or experienced a pedestrian wrongful death of a loved one, there are many ways negligence may have contributed to these injuries or losses. From the driver to the city, there are many parties with a duty to care for and protect pedestrians. Contact the Indianapolis personal injury lawyers at Christie Farrell Lee & Bell. From listening to your story to fighting for you in court, we’re your advocates.

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