Telling Your Story to a Jury

Lady with her head down on the tableThe job of any attorney begins and ends as an advocate for their clients. This is especially important during jury trials for personal injury claims. 

Communicating someone’s personal experience of an injury due to negligence is more than a collection of facts and insurance claims. Sometimes it even means helping the victim process their experiences. Resilient and optimistic individuals may be inclined to minimize or “power through” the aftereffects of a car or truck accident, medical negligence, or other injuries. But the success of a personal injury case in court often hinges on exploring small details and helping the jury relate to your experiences, harm, and losses. 

Translating Harms and Losses to a Jury

The outcome of personal injury cases is recovering damages, or the sum of money that’s necessary to offset the imbalance created in your life by another person’s negligence. While a jury cannot restore your life to the time before the injury, attorneys can suggest a dollar amount to compensate for the harm done. Some of these harms and losses are represented in invoices and are simple to calculate. These would include, but not be limited to:  

  • Medical bills,
  • Lost wages
  • Damage to personal property

However, these expenses are just the current costs of your injury. Pain and suffering goes far beyond repairs, doctor visits, or lost wages. Some harms and losses can last for years, or even for life. That’s why Christie Farrell Lee & Bell spends time understanding and representing future losses or harm, such as: 

  • Ongoing medical treatments
  • Impairments or disfigurements
  • Mental anguish or suffering
  • Lost future earning power

We paint a picture of what happened in your injury, what that has meant in the past, and how that will impact your future. Sometimes this means drawing on the testimony of friends, family, and expert witnesses to discuss the many different aspects of the case. This adds to your case and reveals nuances or details you may not be aware of, but that have a great bearing on the story.

How Harms and Losses Are Presented to a Jury

Harms and losses range in complexity, whether they are physical, emotional, or some combination of both.

Let’s say an individual is hit by a negligent driver and loses their ability to walk. It’s not just their mobility that is affected, but every aspect of their life that needs to change. From the ability to keep their job and play with their children, to getting out of bed in the morning or being able to use the bathroom, the small and large changes result in expenses and psychological damage over a lifetime. Frustration and embarrassment add up over time and extend beyond the harmed person to others. Family members also suffer harm and losses as a result of the injury.

Telling this story to a jury may be emotionally difficult, but it’s also necessary to get resources that will help fix and make up for at least some aspects of these lifelong changes. Finding the right personal injury attorney you trust and feel comfortable with is also essential to make sure you feel respected and have a powerful team on your side.

The attorneys at Christie Farrell Lee & Bell have years of experience in personal injury courtroom law, including civil jury trials. While other attorneys may push clients to accept lower-than-fair settlements, our firm doesn’t compromise on half-measures. When our client isn’t getting a fair settlement, we’re not afraid to argue the facts in front of a jury.

You’re more than charts and invoices, and you are more than the sum of harms and losses. At times the effects of negligence are permanently life-altering and catastrophic. But your peace of mind can return, especially with less worry around paying medical bills, supplementing lost wages, or fears of being a burden on those you love. We are the attorneys that can help you get things back on track. We will help you gather the evidence that tells your story, and present it with care.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to another party’s negligence, you need an advocate. Christie Farrell Lee & Bell is an Indianapolis personal injury law firm with deep experience, compassion, and a commitment to bringing our clients’ experiences to the forefront of the case. Contact us today to share your story.