Most Dangerous Avon, Indiana Intersections

Around 200,000 automobile collisions occur each year in Indiana, including some areas that are more accident-prone than others. Avon, Indiana has a few dangerous intersections that we’ll look at briefly.

State Road 267 and US Highway 36/Rockville Road

This intersection is just north of many of Avon’s public schools, and is also a hub of commerce and retail in the city. This means traffic volume ebbs and flows throughout the day but is always high. A roundabout on State Road 267 just south of the intersection can add to the confusion of drivers, especially during times of high traffic volume. 

US Highway 36/Rockville Road and Gable Drive

In March of 2017, a crash involving more than 10 cars occurred during the evening hours after an individual speedily drove down U.S. Hwy 36. The vehicle operator lost control of the vehicle, resulting in the injuries of three individuals and at least ten damaged vehicles. 

In 2010, INDOT reported that the intersection at Us Highway 36/Rockville Road and Gable Road was among several other dangerous intersections in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Area. Among the several reasons why this intersection is so dangerous, the primary reason appears to be due to distracted driving or not obeying the posted laws. For example, in July of 2019, a car crash involving an Avon police officer and a local resident occurred because the resident ignored a traffic signal. The negligence of the driver led to damage of the officer’s marked police vehicle. 

US Highway 36/Rockville Road and County Road 625

In 2019, two people were killed in an 11-car accident at the intersection of US Highway 36 and County Road 625. The accident was caused by an individual who swerved inconsistently between lanes and failed to pay attention to surrounding drivers. 

Reasons why Avon intersection accidents occur

  1. Not following the rules of the road: When an operator does not adhere to the laws concerning operating a vehicle, he or she runs the risk of causing unnecessary and unwanted damage. For example, the failure to use headlights, not coming to a complete stop at an intersection, speeding, or failing to look before attempting a lane change are major causes of intersection accidents.
  2. The lack of awareness: Drivers will occasionally forget or fail to check their surroundings prior to crossing an intersection or turning a corner at a light. This also includes not paying attention to the right of way.
  3. Distracted Driving: As of July 2020, it is illegal to hold your phone in your hand or up to your ears while driving. To accommodate this change, lawmakers have suggested investing in Bluetooth devices, car mounts, and using voice command features in select makes and models of automobiles. In addition to that, giving in to the everyday distractions––eating or drinking, talking on the phone, or trying to respond to cellular notifications––divides your attention and can keep your eyes off of the road.

The rules of the road are created to keep everyone safe. However, when those laws are ignored, forgotten, or never learned, more lives are at risk, both young and old. Please make sure to pay attention to your surroundings, reduce the number of distractions and follow directions when driving on the road––It can save someone’s life.

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