Most Dangerous Indianapolis Intersections

As the biggest city in Indiana, as well as the state capitol, Indianapolis is full of heavy traffic and dangerous intersections. In 2019, Marion County had the most traffic collisions in the state of Indiana. Of the 37,726 traffic accidents within Marion County, over 32,000 were inside Indianapolis city limits. Though collisions happen all over the city, there are several intersections in Indianapolis where traffic accidents are common due to high traffic volume and the lack of clear signage for drivers. Let’s dive into which locations those are, and what drivers passing through these areas should be aware of.

86th Street and Keystone Avenue/Keystone Crossing

This intersection is not just the beginning of a bypass to merge with 31 North, but Keystone Crossing is a busy hub for the area’s hotels, restaurants, and shopping. There are five lanes going into the nearby Fashion Mall with only two coming out. Lack of clear pedestrian pathways and crosswalks is another contributor to the danger of this intersection. A lack of clear signage helping unfamiliar drivers distinguish between Keystone Ave and Keystone Crossing also compounds the stress of high traffic congestion. 

This area is especially congested during the holiday shopping season. From November 20 to January 1 there was an average of 50 accidents at this intersection. In 2020 officers responded to a 2-car accident with injuries, located right between Keystone Ave and Keystone Crossing on 86th Street. 

Keystone Avenue and Fall Creek Parkway

This intersection is a place where Fall Creek Parkway widens rapidly, introducing more lanes that are the turn lanes onto Keystone northbound. This means drivers may cut over to get into the appropriate lane before arriving at the light. Those who are inbound on Fall Creek Parkway have a separate left-turn lane that merges with Keystone just north of the intersection. All these moving lanes of traffic represent a high potential for collisions. 

In 2017 an IMPD officer was injured in a crash at this intersection around 8:40 pm, leaving them in stable condition. As far back as 2011, one Indianapolis driver who passed regularly through this intersection warned that they saw at least one accident a month at this light. 

Allisonville Road and 86th/82nd Streets

The Allisonville corridor from 82nd Street to 86th street is a common place for collisions. Allisonville is divided into left-turn lanes that allow drivers to cross the busy flow of traffic. In between 82nd Street and 86th street is a busy on-off ramp for 465 where Allisonville widens quickly. And the area is home to lots of businesses and shopping centers, including the Castleton Square Mall. All these factors combine to confuse drivers and lead to accidents. 

This area is not just dangerous for drivers but also pedestrians patronizing the businesses at the intersection. In 2019 a pedestrian was killed in a hit-and-run crash just east of the 86th and Allisonville intersection. 

21st Street and Shadeland Avenue

Just south of I-70, this intersection is a meeting between four lanes of traffic on 21st Street and 6 lanes of traffic on Shadeland Avenue. With gas stations, hotels, and restaurants to serve the people coming on and off the interstate, this is a busy section that may be full of drivers who are not familiar with the area. In addition to the main intersection, there are many smaller points of entry from parking lots to both roads where collisions may occur.

In March 2021 a crash at this intersection brought down a light pole and power lines west of the intersection and also may have resulted in injuries. In April 2021, an individual was killed in a single-car crash at this intersection.

38th Street and Franklin Ave

Just outside 465, this intersection is not as heavily trafficked as some others on the list, but it does represent a unique risk due to high-speed travel by vehicles. People who know this area know that the traffic has let up and may increase speed as a result Also, a lack of adequate lighting and pedestrian walkways make this a common site of pedestrian injury.  For instance, in 2017 a young man was struck and killed in a hit and run at this intersection. 

Regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar a driver is with an intersection, they must always exercise caution and keep their attention on the road. Distracted driving and speeding are major contributors to traffic accidents, and also forms of negligence or failure to use reasonable care. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident at these or any other Indianapolis intersections, we are here to listen to your story. As top Indianapolis car accident attorneys, we are here to serve as your advocates. Contact us today for a free consultation.