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Common Noblesville Car Accident Injuries

Noblesville, the county seat of Hamilton County, is a rapidly growing suburb of Indianapolis, Indiana. One of the largest suburbs of Indianapolis, it’s seen a 27% uptick in growth, making it the 12th largest city in the state. Unfortunately, car accidents in Noblesville, Indiana are increasing, too. According to a recent article in the IndyStar, fatal car crashes in Hamilton County doubled from 2019 to 2020, even with fewer people on the road. This article will share information and statistics about collisions in Noblesville and provide details on some of the most common car accident injuries.

Hamilton County Collision Statistics and Stories

It is not just fatal car accidents in Indiana that are on the rise. Non-fatal collisions in Hamilton County have been trending upward for the last several years. In 2018, there were 8,810 automobile collisions in Hamilton County, with 1,795 of those in Noblesville alone. As a result, there were 20 reported fatalities and 1,694 reported injuries. Injuries that are reported are often severe or are classified as critical or life-threatening. Consider these two examples in Noblesville.

  • In May 2020, a Noblesville High School senior suffered severe injuries following a semi-truck collision on I-69. The boy’s injuries ultimately required that one of his legs be amputated below the knee.
  • In October 2020, one man was killed and another was critically injured following a collision on Hague Road north of Fox Chase Drive. A Honda crossed into the northbound lane and struck a Chevrolet. The driver of the Chevrolet suffered critical injuries and was transported to IU Health Methodist Hospital.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of car collisions like these, we are the Indianapolis car crash attorney with the skills and expertise to help.

Common Indiana Car Accident Injuries

According to the World Health Organization, between 20 and 50 million people suffer non-fatal injuries in car collisions each year. But even injuries that at first appear mild can ultimately be life-altering. When seeking a car accident lawyer in Noblesville, Indiana to represent you, choose one experienced with the following common car accident injuries.

Head injury

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are some of the most common injuries in a car collision.  While mild traumatic brain injuries may impact your brain cells temporarily, more serious TBIs can cause long-term complications or death. What’s more, there is an underreporting of head injuries because some signs and symptoms of TBIs may not appear for days or weeks. Common symptoms of mild traumatic brain injuries include headache, nausea or vomiting, fatigue, problems with speech, or dizziness.

Soft tissue injury

Soft tissue injuries are a category of injuries that include sprains, strains, or contusions (bruising). Essentially, these injuries impact parts of the body other than bones. Common soft tissue injuries in car accidents include whiplash, back sprain, and herniated discs. Soft tissue injuries range from mild injuries that cause tenderness and swelling to severe injuries that result in a high level of pain and joint or muscle injury.

Seat belt syndrome

In many cases, wearing a seat belt is one of the safest choices you can make when driving or riding in an automobile. Yet, seat belt injuries are somewhat common. The use of seat belts is associated with an injury profile referred to as seat belt syndrome. Injuries associated with this syndrome include trauma to the stomach, small bowels, spine, kidneys, bladder, or colon. Seat belt trauma may cause pain in the torso or limbs, though it may cause little to no pain at all. Symptoms include nausea or vomiting, bloody stool, diarrhea or constipation, headache or dizziness, or jaundice.

Other common car accident injuries and illnesses include scrapes and cuts, broken bones, internal bleeding, knee trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you suffered from any of these injuries, seek out a car accident lawyer in Indiana to discuss your legal rights and options.

Experienced Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyers

If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of a car collision, your life could be seriously altered for weeks, months, or even years. Physical injuries and emotional trauma can be expensive and difficult to recover from. That’s where a local car injury lawyer in Indianapolis can help.

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