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Most Dangerous Plainfield Intersections

Plainfield, Indiana is a bustling suburb of Indianapolis, directly adjacent to the Indianapolis International Airport. Plainfield is the largest city in Hendricks County, Indiana, which is one of the fastest-growing counties in the state. This also makes it a hot spot for car accidents in Indiana. 

In 2018, the last year data was available, there were 4,501 traffic collisions in Hendricks County. The majority of these collisions, 1,341, occurred in unincorporated rural areas. But with a total of 1,128 car accidents in Plainfield, the city came in a close second. This means 25% of the traffic accidents in Hendricks County occur in Plainfield.

Whether you are a resident of this city or just passing through, it’s important to know the most dangerous intersections. Let’s review common sites of car accidents in Plainfield, Indiana.

Ronald Reagan Parkway and US 40

Ronald Reagan Parkway and US 40

This intersection on the border of Hendricks County is a newer intersection associated with the expansion of the Indianapolis International Airport. Though Ronald Reagan Parkway has only been open through Plainfield for around 10 years, the intersection quickly became the site of the most crashes in Plainfield. 

In April 2021, three Plainfield citizens were given “Citizen Commendation” awards by the Plainfield Police Department after they stopped to support a hit-and-run victim at this intersection. A motorcyclist was hit by a truck that fled the scene. Plainfield residents Cynthia Brinsley, Justin Didion, and Michael Heilers witnessed the incident and applied a tourniquet that saved the life of the motorcyclist until EMS arrived.

Indiana 267 and Stafford Road

Indiana 267 and Stafford Road

Indiana 267 is the road that connects Interstate 70 to US 40, the main street of Plainfield. Indiana 267 is a four-lane highway with many east-west roads intersecting it between I-70 and US 40.  The most dangerous of these smaller intersections is the intersection between 267 and Stafford Road.

A Facebook post from Plainfield Fire Department reveals the common nature of accidents at this intersection. Though the injuries involved were non-life-threatening, one driver still had to be extracted from their vehicle by first responders, and two individuals involved went to the hospital. These injuries could still be life-altering even if they are not life-threatening. In the comments on the post, some spoke up about their own accidents at the intersection and the experiences of others. A car accident lawyer serving Plainfield, Indiana can help individuals understand their rights under the law after they are injured in a car accident. 

Stafford Road is known for accidents at other intersections as well. Its intersection with Perry Road, a busy shopping center thoroughfare in close proximity to an Amazon warehouse, is also known for collisions.

Interstate 70 at Plainfield Exit

Interstate 70 at Plainfield Exit

Both the I-70 exit and the section of 70 passing through Plainfield are a common site of severe and even deadly crashes.

These are just some of the devastating accidents that regularly happen on this stretch of the interstate. Whether you’re a local resident or just passing through, be aware that this section of the highway widens rapidly with many different lane designations for the airport and other local exits. If you or a loved one experiences injury in an accident on this highway, contact an Indiana car crash attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Work with an Experienced Plainfield, Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

Regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar a driver is with an intersection or stretch of roadway, they must always exercise caution and keep their attention on the road. Distracted driving and speeding are major contributors to traffic accidents, and also forms of negligence or failure to care. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident at these or any other Plainfield intersections, we are here to listen to your story. As top Indiana car accident lawyers, we are here to serve as your advocates. Contact us today for a free consultation.