Young man texts while driving

Is It Legal to Text While Driving in Indiana?

As you likely already know, distracted driving is a serious problem across the country. Cell phone use while driving is among the most dangerous distracted driving behaviors people engage in.

Read on to learn what Indiana’s rules are regarding texting while driving.

Indiana Hands-Free Driving Law

Indiana passed a law banning texting while driving in 2011; however, the rule did not discuss what should happen if a driver is holding a mobile device for some other reason. Unfortunately, the law did not achieve its intended goal of reducing traffic accidents caused by distracted driving.

The new law is all-encompassing. It outlaws people from using a mobile device with their hands while the car is in motion.

You May Still Talk On The Phone

Indiana law allows for phone calls so long as you can do so hands-free. You are allowed to use any of the following instead of using your hands:

  • Speakerphone
  • Bluetooth
  • Earpiece
  • Headphone
  • Another device you can use for hands-free communication

You Can Still Use Your Phone’s GPS

As long as you can use your phone without touching it, you may still use your phone’s GPS navigation while driving. To do this, you may find it helpful to install a mount or bracket in your vehicle so that you can view the map while concentrating on the road.

You Are Still Able To Stream Audio

Again, as long as you can use your phone hands-free, you are allowed to use it to stream audio.

If You’re Hurt In a Crash, We Can Help

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