Christie Farrell Lee & Bell Lawyers Speak ITLA & ICLEF Conferences

Christie Farrell Lee & Bell is one of Indiana’s most trusted law firms for complex personal injury cases because our team can balance experienced professionalism with genuine compassion. In recognition of our team’s accomplishments and reputation, four of our attorneys were recently invited to speak at various recent conferences: Attorney Chris Simpkins, Attorney Kathy Lee, Attorney Tina Bell, and Attorney Katie Marshall.

Attorneys Lee, Bell, and Marshall spoke at the Indiana Trial Lawyer Association (ITLA) Lifetime Achievement Conference. Attorney Simpkins was invited to the separate Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum (ICLEF). Each speaker highlighted different topics, sharing their knowledge and experiences with the attendees.

  • Attorney Chris Simpkins: Chris spoke during the medical malpractice seminar, which was hosted by the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum on February 24th, 2022. He focused on the COVID-19 immunity rules passed by Indiana and federal legislatures, and the pros and cons of those rulings for the average Indiana citizen.
  • Attorney Kathy Lee: Kathy recently responded to two new motions of summary judgment, which she made the topic of her seminar during the ITLA Lifetime Achievement Conference. Both motions were in medical malpractice cases in which the defendant's health care providers were attempting to limit the clients’ rights to recovery. She spoke about the complications of these matters, and how she was able to overcome them.
  • Attorney Tina Bell: For the past several years, Attorney Bell has been asked by the ITLA to present “Tina’s Top Ten Outside the Box Tips” for this conference and others. During this dissertation, she discusses how lawyers can get stuck in a rut because they only do things the way that they “have always been done.” She shares her most innovative tips with the audience, including fun administrative tips like how to find the best mobile coffee bar to treat your staff and litigation-heavy tips like must-know deposition strategies.
  • Attorney Katie Marshall: The title of her speech to the ITLA conference attendees was “Conservative Values in Injury Cases.” Some injury attorneys are afraid to try cases in politically conservative counties because they fear that conservative juries will be biased against personal injury cases. Statistically, conservator juries award plaintiffs less than more liberal areas. Katie shared how preparation, knowledge, and an understanding of local geopolitical viewpoints can benefit any trial case, even when the jury heavily leans toward conservatism.

For more information about the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, you can click here to visit the official ITLA website. You can also click here for information about the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Forum. If you would like to know more about the attorneys that make Christie Farrell Lee & Bell a statewide favorite, then please feel free to contact us online. Thank you.