Shredded semi-truck tire blowout carrying wood

The Dangers of Tire Blowouts

A blowout can occur when a tire tears or bursts suddenly, and typically occurs at high speeds. Keep in mind this is very different from experiencing a flat tire.

All vehicles on the roadways have tires, which means that any type of vehicle is capable of experiencing a blowout under the right conditions.

However, because semi-trucks are on the roads so frequently, their tires tend to wear down more rapidly than the tires on passenger vehicles. This is one reason why semi-trucks experience tire blowouts more often than passenger cars.

Semi-Truck Tire Blowouts

When a semi-truck experiences a tire blowout, it can easily cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, when this happens, it can prompt a collision, with the potential to cause catastrophic damage to anyone involved.

Proper Semi-Truck Inspections and Maintenance are Required

What is perhaps the most frustrating thing about semi-truck tire blowouts is that accidents of this nature are almost always preventable.

There are rigorous standards set in place for commercial vehicles to help prevent these sorts of accidents.

Semi-trucks must be regularly inspected and maintained according to federal and state laws. If any issues are found during inspections, they must be reported and mitigated right away.

As long as commercial vehicles receive the proper regularly scheduled tire inspections, maintenance, and repairs (when needed) blowout accidents should not occur.

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