Semi-truck with a hillside engulfed in flames behind it

This Is Why Semi-Trucks Catch Fire

As you know, fires can be devastating and have the potential to cause significant harm to all involved.

There are a number of ways in which a semi-truck can catch fire. However, these types of disasters are typically preventable with proper inspections and maintenance.

The Reasons Why Commercial Trucks Catch Fire

The following are the leading causes of commercial vehicle fires:

  • Mechanical failure or malfunction - 59%
  • Electrical failure or malfunction - 13%
  • Exposure fire - 4%
  • Collision, overturn, or run over - 3%
  • Intentional - 2%
  • Smoking materials - 1%

As you can see, mechanical failures and malfunctions cause most commercial truck fires. Luckily, these types of fires do not often result in fatalities. Only about 7% of deaths due to vehicle fire fatalities are the result of a mechanical failure or malfunction.

By contrast, the fatality rate for semi-truck fires as a result of a collision, overturn, or run-over is 79%. Even though these types of truck fires are not as common as others, unfortunately, they are the deadliest.

It is important to note that the majority of large truck fires tend to occur on highways or divided highways, which suggests there may be a connection between big rig fires and high-speed collisions.

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