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5 Examples of Serious Premises Liability Cases

5 Examples of Serious Premises Liability Cases

  1. In 2012, an apartment complex explosion in Los Angeles resulted in eight people being killed and dozens injured after a gas explosion caused the building to collapse. The family of one of the victims sued the apartment owner for premises liability, claiming they had been negligent with maintenance and safety protocol.
  2. In 2008, a man was severely injured after slipping on ice outside of a grocery store. He alleged that the store owners failed to take reasonable precautions to ensure their premises were safe. After years of legal proceedings, he was eventually awarded millions of dollars in damages due to premises liability laws.
  3. A young girl suffered permanent brain damage after she fell from her elementary school's playground equipment in 2005. Her family sued the school district for premises liability, claiming that there were inadequate safety measures in place. A court ruled in favor of the family, citing that the school should have taken further precautions to ensure their students' safety on the playground.
  4. In 2016, an elderly man was severely injured after slipping and falling in a restaurant's poorly lit parking lot. He sued the owner of the restaurant for premises liability, claiming that they had failed to take reasonable steps to provide adequate lighting for customers who were entering and leaving their business. The court ruled in his favor and awarded him financial compensation for his injuries.
  5. In 2011, a woman was struck by a car outside of her apartment building after she tripped over a loose piece of concrete on the sidewalk. She sued the landlord for premises liability, claiming they had failed to maintain the sidewalk and rectify any potential hazards that could cause harm to people entering or leaving the property. The court ruled in her favor, awarding her damages due to their negligence.

These five examples highlight some of the cases related to premises liability laws in which plaintiffs have been awarded financial compensation based on negligence by those responsible for maintaining a safe environment. Although each case is different, these instances demonstrate how important it is for individuals and businesses alike to take reasonable steps toward ensuring their premises are hazard-free and safe for all visitors. Failure to do so may result in costly legal proceedings that could otherwise be avoided with adequate safety precautions.

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