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  • Owning a Snowmobile in Indiana

    Owning a Snowmobile in Indiana

    Using a snowmobile for safe travel or for fun is common in the Midwest, but it isn’t without risks. In fact, February 19th, a Lafayette man lost his life when his snowmobile hit a tree. Weather and terrain are two …

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  • Hidden Dangers in Airbnb

    Hidden Dangers in Airbnb

    In recent years, companies like Airbnb™ and Uber™ have risen to the top of the news and the market of on-demand service and hospitality. However, how these companies handle liability has recently been questioned by the media.  Understanding the specifics …

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  • Cervical Cancer Screening FAQs

    Cervical Cancer Screening FAQs

    For most women, the lifelong routine of cervical cancer screening begins around age 20 with a first Pap smear. It used to be routine for these exams to occur every year, but now that we know more about human papilloma …

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