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  • Sports Medicine Negligence

    Sports Medicine Negligence

    While it’s true we love to cheer on our sports here in Indiana, it’s always a frightening moment when an athlete suffers an in-game injury. When Indianapolis Pacers star Victor Oladipo suffered a gruesome ruptured quad tendon in 2018, attendees …

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  • Prescription Drug Negligence

    Prescription Drug Negligence

    Prescription Drug Negligence Pharmaceutical drugs are designed and developed to aid us in our illnesses, but in some cases, they can lead to other injuries or medical issues that can have damaging and even life-altering effects. It’s the responsibility of …

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  • Christie Farrell Lee & Bell Ranked Top Indianapolis Injury Attorneys

    Christie Farrell Lee & Bell Ranked Top Indianapolis Injury Attorneys

    Christie Farrell Lee & Bell is once again named a Tier 1 Law Firm in Indianapolis by U.S. News. We are honored and proud to be recognized in the same fields of excellence as 2017. U.S. News uses an in-depth evaluation …

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  • Pregnancy and Birth Injury Risks

    Pregnancy and Birth Injury Risks

    Pediatric Malpractice Attorney From the beginning of a pregnancy, women consult medical professionals for advice and insight about the changes going on with their body, and the state and well-being of their baby. Standards of care exist to govern this …

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  • Midwives and Home Birth

    Midwives and Home Birth

    For many mothers, midwives and home births are a very appealing alternative to a standard, hospital birth. In fact, the number of out-of-hospital births has increased by 78% between 2004 and 2014. A major reason why more mothers are opting …

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  • Cervical Cancer Screening FAQs

    Cervical Cancer Screening FAQs

    For most women, the lifelong routine of cervical cancer screening begins around age 20 with a first Pap smear. It used to be routine for these exams to occur every year, but now that we know more about human papilloma …

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  • Menopause Misdiagnosis

    Menopause Misdiagnosis

    Women entering menopause often have no idea what changes to expect in their body, meaning typical symptoms can be scary. However, they can also be caused by issues other than menopause. Because menopause changes lots of things in a woman’s …

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